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Hm… quite sometimes that I didn’t update my blog am i? heard from a friend, to start a blog its easy, to maintain it will be hard, plus dont think so somebody or someone would read it aigh?

Let see, what should i write now? hm… no story at all. But i do did something today. I watch movie.. cerita ape? Pisau Cukur, quite hilarious, cynical, very very cynical. my husband very seldom watch malay movie, but, not this one. bila dia kata ok tu, maknenye mmg ok la tu.

a lot of people have been ask me few times bout my house warming. im so sorry i didnt do it last raya, seems like me and my hubby so busy in regards our work for whole month. me myself cant find perfect time to do it, so i think maybe it will happen anytime soon, well, do depends to my hubby availability!

nothing much happen in life nowadays, other than been stuck in lift for about 1/2 hour. damn… seriously, if you stuck in lift with another 12 people with you, so stuff and suffocated, no air, so hot, what would you think, what would you do? damn… frankly speaking, im thinking of dying, yup… for… 1st 15 minutes….

thank god someone in that lift had a same experience ( what a bad luck! ), as me not to panic… when u panic, sure you will think something that you not suppose to think. well, i do agree coz the 1st 15 minutes i’ve been thinking what happen if this lift fall down and i died? huauhauhauha……..

oo… ok.. my classmate getting married this end of the month, another yet to come this december, this year is a marriage season eh? oh, my darkthrone friend getting married this end of the month also, me and my hubby will attend this wedding ( kalau xde aral sampai la.)

tgh tgk2 page bakal pengantin, ternampak satu nama yg macam aku kenal tak kenal… then i take a look at that page, o god… its my schoolmate. i search and search and search, i found out my school page. and a lot of people there. the issue is, im not sure weather should i get in touch with them or shouldnt.

its just, something that i hate and i didnt want to meet for the rest of my life. i dont think so i do have good memory bout this school as well as the people there. i’ve been married for almost 2 1/2 years now, as far as i concern, few of them i do invited to my wedding, and also, few of them do show up.

its not something that im proud of, hating my own school, my own friends. its just not a good memory. thats all. well, memory dont last long, including this…

what am i doing now? its late.



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