Good Girl Gone Bad

Sometimes when I keep thinking bout something, I will keep thinking bout it over and over again, until I solve this problem. But, sometimes, there is a few problems you can’t just solve by in an instant.

As an example, something that involved a person. I don’t want people to say i’m overreacting towards something that many people think it’s just a joke. But for me, you are responsible of your own action, what you say and what you do. Including, what you write.

I am a very typical person from 1 side, liberal from other side, outspoken from different side, and also can be a sarcastic and cynical most of the time.

I do remembered someone said to me, you no need a single cent to do a deed, a good things, because you will feel good about it for a very long time without asking for anything in return, but to do bad things will cost you a lot then you can imagine, people around you, your life and living, your money and most of all yourself”. Well, at the 1st place, i just kept in mind, but now i do understand.

I’m a good person by nature, so does everybody. I don’t want to use my “Evil card” as I can’t even remember when and where last time I use it, or I put it, what I know is, it’s been well kept somewhere, safe and sound.

what can i advice is, beware, alert and please considerate when you write something on others wall. You might hurt someone with your writing either you realize it or not. As a popular quotes, ” A picture worth a thousand words” same goes on what you write. Is like Malay’s famous proverb “Mata pena itu lebih tajam dari pisau”.

With that, you might hurt someone really really bad, deep down, without you even notice it. Good job.


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