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A comeback!!!! Or not?

Damn… dah lama gile tak menulis kan? hari ni terasa nak menulis plak… ahahahha… Skrg ni kerja tgh byk… dah meroyan mcm org gile kat opis, from CA, to FM, to CM back to CA and now kena loan 2 weeks to recruitment team. Dah abes pusing 1 company…

Not much to say, now, i am enjoying my work. Nampak mcm ridiculous je keje aku ni…. but, i do admit, i enjoy my work sometimes, but then, there is times, i think this job, now, just not suitable for me. But then, sometimes, i have a lot of fun doing my work, at least, i didnt do same thing everyday.

Recently masa buat recruitment, i’ve been so busy till i don’t even have time to spent for myself…. I hate when i dont have time to spent for myself. Coz, sampai satu tahap, what ever i do, will go wrong. I am going to make myself look like a fool. Sampai satu tahap, bila difikir – fikirkan balik, it’s sound not only funny, and its sounds ridiculous too.

Dah la tension about recruitment since morning, tak cukup rehat, and pressure from boss and work, and also from caller, turn out to be, balik lambat ari tu, i guess around 9.30 PM from office. Wow!!, 12 hours of working! cool!!! Sblm tu my “Kiki Lala” (that’s what my boss call her) bought me McD. my fav, GCB… tak sempat nak makan, bawak balik rumah….

sampai umah, refresh myself, turun nak makan….
Can you imagine, while i am eating my GCB, i am crying…. mcm air sungai mengalir…. sedu sedan tgk White Collar season 2!!!!! then still continue makan!!!!, siap tambah sos! Minum sprite!!! but still crying!!!!
Touching lebey!!!!!!! who’s crying while watching White Collar! and while eating burger?

Not only that, baru nak main my iPad games, i realize my game has lost all details.. mcm kena delete… but then, i called my hubby and ask… he said he didnt do anything…
Cry again…. and mumbling… and cry again….

I think… and i realize. I am under high stress. I have to stop this.
The only thing i learn is, what ever u do, u have to and know how to control your stress. If not, u will go crazy.

i am going crazy, bit by bit.
well, this is life.
full of color, crazy is 1 of the colour i guess.


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